Visa Services

Visa Processing

DOHA Rules and Regulations changes all the time. MATES International has two Australian Registered Migration Agents (MARN 1678926 and MARN 0745797) who lodge all visa applications and are bound by the MARA Code of Conduct.

All visa applications go through a rigid process of review and document validation. MATES International, has a 3-tier processing system to make sure that each visa application has the best chance of approval.

FIRST Tier Documentation Validation and Verification by Documentation Officer
SECOND Tier Regulations Check and Lodging by Associate Migration Agent
THIRD Tier Final Review and Submission by Senior Migration Agent

What you must remember is that a visa refusal will remain in your migration history. While MATES International does not guarantee visa approval, our experienced Migration Agents, will make sure that your application is lodged according to the standards set by Immigration Department. There are no appeal for offshore visa applications and a re-application will be more strenuous and will cost more in the long run.

Why open the possibilities of going through this strenuous route, when you can avoid it?

TRUST the Experience and Achieve results with MATES.